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Komodo Premium Crested Gecko Complete Diet £5.79

Komodo Premium Crested Gecko Complete Diet

A complete and balanced holistic diet

Komodo Crested Gecko Diet has been formulated to provide 100% of a Crested Gecko's nutritional requirements. This is not simply a supplement but a complete diet that is designed for life from hatchling to adult.

Professional breeders throughout the world have been instrumental in it's creation. No insects are required when feeding this diet.

Ingredients: Vitamin A, C, D3 and E, spirulia, kelp, pure marigold, fruit flavour, probiotic bacteria, yucca extract, natural antioxidants, phosphorus, fine grade calcium carbonate, cranberry & carrot powder, rosehip, yeast, micronized wheat, biofac, dextrose, calcium caseinate, alfalfa meal, wheat flour.

Analysis: Protein : 21.5% Oils & Fats : 2% Fiber : 5% Ash : 7.5% Calcium (Ca): 2.4% Phosphorus (P) : 1% Vitamin A : 17000iu/kg Vitamin D3 : 3500iu/kg Vitamin E : 175mg/kg •Model: 45212z •Manufactured by: Komodo


Advances in academic research and continuing work by herptile enthusiastics and breeders have led to the development of these species and group specific diets. The range covers all of the most popular four legged reptiles and amphibians kept in captivity. The series also includes an insect booster.

All foods are sourced locally and produced in the United Kingdom to reduce product miles and environmental impact.

The range consists of:-

45200 Bearded Dragon Juvenile Vegetable Diet 75g

45202 Bearded Dragon Adult Vegetable Diet 75g

45204 Bearded Dragon Insect Dusting Powder 75g

45206 Tortoise Vegetable Diet 75g

45208 Leopard Gecko Insect Dusting Powder 75g

45210 Chameleon Insect Dusting Powder 75g

45212 Crested Gecko Complete Diet 75g

45214 Day Gecko Complete Diet 75g

45216 Tree Frog Insect Dusting Powder 75g

45218 Feeder Insects Enhancing Formula 75g

45220 Amphibian Insect Dusting Powder 75g

45222 Fat Tailed Gecko Insect Dusting Powder 75g



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