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Dog Treat ratings out of 5

A helpful guide to dog treat ratings based on the quality and quantity of ingredients. As a general rule Pet Shopper does not recommend any dog treats which have a score below 3. The list below shows well known dog treats available in the UK by rating, starting with 5 star scores at the top and with the lowest scoring treats at the bottom.

All underlined dog treats are available from Pet Shopper

Dog Treats Rating 5 out of 5

Alpha Spirit 5 Anco Naturally Better treats 5 Taste of Nature 5 Guru Road Trip Bones 5 Farm Food Rawhide 5 Feelwells Meat treats 5 Fish4Dogs 5 K9 Natural Treats 5 Natures menu Treats 5 Sea Treats 5

Dog Treats with 4 star Rating

Arden Grange Crunchy bites 4 Billy & Margot Iced treats 4 Barking Heads Bailey Bites 3 Company of Animals Coachies 3 Feelwells All In One Treats 4 Feelwells Goodnight Treats 4 Feelwells Probiotic Treats 4 Hungry Hector 4 Lilys Kitchen 4 Pet Munchies 4 Pooch & Mutt 4 Tribal Treats 4

Dog Treats Rating 3 out of 5 James Wellbeloved Cracker Jacks 3
Burns Kelties 3 Feelwells Training Treats 3 Hills Ideal Balance 3

Dog Treats Rating 2 out of 5

Greenies 2 Pets at Home Deli chicken & Cheese Treats 2 Wainwrights Wholesome Bites 2

Dog Treats Rating 1 out of 5

Pet Bakery 1 Bakers 1 Bonios 1 Pedigree 1 Pets at Home Chew Sticks 1 Winalot Shapes 1


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