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Cat Food scores

Cat Food Ratings out of 5

A helpful guide to cat food ratings based on the quality and quantity of ingredients. As a general rule Pet Shopper does not recommend any cat foods which have a score below 3. The list below shows well known cat foods available in the UK by rating, starting with 5 star scores at the top and with the lowest scoring foods at the bottom.

All underlined (linked) cat foods are available from Pet Shopper.

Cat Foods Scoring 4 to 5:

Aatu 5.0 cat food ratings

Carnilove 5.0

Acana 4.9

True Instinct 4.8

Country Hunter (wet) 4.7

Forthglade (wet) 4.7

Little Big Paw (wet) 4.6

Simpsons (dry) 4.6

Simpsons (wet) 4.6

Applaws (dry) 4.6

Natures Menu (wet) 4.6

Almo Nature (wet) 4.2

Taste of Nature (Grain free) 4.0

Cat Foods Scoring 3 to 3.9

Burns 3.9

Taste of Nature (with rice) 3.9

Taste of the Wild 3.9

Meowing Heads 3.8

Arden Grange 3.7

James Wellbeloved 3.7

Animal Antics 3.6

Wainwrights 3.6

Harringtons 3.5

Hills 3.5

Iams 3.2

Cat Foods Scoring 2 to 2.9

Burgess 2.7

Royal Canin 2.5

Chudleys 2.1

Purina Proplan 2.1

Cat Foods Scoring 1 to 1.9

Perfect Fit 1.7

Tesco Complete 1.1

Go Cat 1.0

Cat Foods Scoring 0.1 to 0.9

Asda Tiger 0.6

Whiskas Temptations 0.4

Whiskas (dry) 0.1

The above scores are based on a algorithm based on the quality and quantity of ingredients. Some commercial cat foods may not be included due to lack of ingredient information (which usually means trying to hide something) i.e named meats, meat parts and percentage.

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