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Woof and Brew Teas for Dogs

Herbal Teas for dogs from Woof & Brew come in a variety of blends including 'Adult’, which contains dandelion and ginseng; 'Performance’ with fenugreek and lime flower; and 'Posh Pooch’, described as the “Woof and Brew Champagne of teas for dogs”.

WHAT?! Herbal tea for dogs?! Did I hear you right?! Are you barking?! And the answer would be no, absolutely not! Granted it sounds crazy at first but the huge benefits of herbal teas for humans has long been recognised - and the same can be said for lots of other 'beings' including our best friends. We have lovingly created a range of herbal blends that aim to keep dogs both happy and healthy. Woof and Brew provides nutritionally balanced, health-focused benefits in both a daily diet regime or treat form. We all love a cuppa, and we all love our dogs. It's about time we shared the experience!

It's not uncommon at all to hear 'my dog loves tea! but research has shown that caffeine and milk are not suitable for dogs. Neither is sugar, for all those naughty people that add this too! So rather that deny dogs something they obviously enjoy, Woof and Brew have created a range of herbal blends that aim to keep dogs both happy & healthy. Designed to be part of a dog's daily diet, as well as a treat, our blends provide nutritionally balanced, health-focused benefits. Herbal teas are packed full of goodness. The secret to getting the real benefits is in herbs you use, for what purpose and which to combine. As well as our own experts, we have sought independent advice & approval on all the herbs used within our blends, making them veterinary approved as safe. Bringing together man's two best friends, Woof and Brew provides a unique way to show your dog just how much you love them. See, not that crazy after all! Now, time to start lapping it up!

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