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Benefits of feeding raw dog food

Our Pet Store in Ormskirk Lancashire stocks the full range of Natures Menu Raw Dog Food


Raw is best as mother natures knows. Natures Menu provide both single protein plain minces as ingredients for a home-made raw diet and a range of complete, balanced ready-made raw meals for your dogs. The Natures Menu raw complete meals have been carefully created by their expert raw team to be nutritionally complete and balanced. They select choice cuts of in date human grade real meaty pieces for our range. Using high quality cuts, even including the breast of chicken in our chicken minces. their meat is also ethically sourced and sourced local to Natures Menu production kitchen in Norfolk, wherever possible.

We never use battery chickens.

Raw foods haven’t been cooked or heated so all of the natural vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and enzymes are readily available to give your dog a completely natural diet just as their bodies are designed to digest and to benefit from. Natures Menu raw foods are very safe and have passed the same bacteria standards as the meat you eat. Do you know the actual ingredients that make up your pets dry foods? You may be surprised! Natures Menu company owner Craig Taylor explains exactly what the ingredients listed and the terms 'meat meal' or 'meat and bone meal' mean for your pet.

Raw Feeding can be one of the most misunderstood pet diets. There are common misconceptions into the safety of the diet and often people feel the diet is difficult or time consuming to achieve. Yet once any pet owner tries it and sees the difference it makes to pets, they all say they wonder why they didn't start to feed it years before! We have created our complete raw meals range to ensure that you can feed a raw diet to your pet safely and effortlessly.

Nick Thompson BSc (Vet Sci) Hons, BVM&S, VetMFHom, MRCVS - Veterinary advisor for Natures Menu pet foods discusses why he recommends a raw diet to all his clients and patients and just how beneficial, healthy and safe the really diet is! Discover why Raw really is Best!

Meet Ziggy the cockapoo who adores his Natures Menu nuggets. He has been eating his raw complete nuggets since he was a few months old after his owner noticed he was losing his appetite. He felt like all his birthdays had come at once when he was given the raw nuggets, appetite loss? What appetite loss?!

A dog foster and rescue co-ordinator describes how convenient the Natures Menu complete foods are for her to feed the dogs she cares for. All with varying ages and health dispositions, our foods work for them all and even solve loose stools or digestive issues.

Meet Storm a Bernese Mountain Dog who loves Natures Menu! Storm had runny stools on any kind of kibble or processed dog food diet. His owner is really pleased that now he is on the Natures menu meats, as his stomach has settled right down and he is the picture of health.

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