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Walter Harrisons Ultimate Energy No Grow 2Kg £7.49

Walter Harrisons Ultimate Energy No Grow 2Kg

NEW Ultimate Energy No Grow 100% husk free. 100% edible. 100% weed-free. 100% filler-free. 100% wheat-free.

WEED-FREE GARDENS Previously Ultimate Energy No Mess, the NEW Ultimate Energy No Grow family is an improved seed mix that no longer contains ingredients that grow in your garden. Linseed has been removed to ensure the natural, high quality seed mix is now mess-free and weed-free!

IMPROVED BLEND The newly reformulated recipe also contains a richer blend of seeds, at the same price! The seed mix now contains more Sunflower hearts, more Mealworms, more nutritious suet than in the original Ultimate Energy No Mess. Fragrant Aniseed Oil has also replaced Soya Oil as a fragrant, glossy coating to attract wild birds and keep them returning to gardens to feed. Birds love the smell and taste of Aniseed Oil!

NO FILLERS Ultimate Energy No Grow stands out from its competitors with high quality ingredients and zero fillers. There is no wheat or oats in the recipe, both consdiered as ingredients that birds do not feed on and that dilute the quality of seed mixes.

USAGE & TIPS The seed mix attracts a variety of birds to the garden all year round, providing essential energy throughout all seasons. Expect a variety of Tits, Greenfinches, Dunnocks, Robins, Sparrows, Thrushes and Blackbirds to flutter by and come back for more! Extremely versatile, the premium mix can be fed from a seed feeder, bird table or on the ground. Ultimate Energy No Grow is a complementary Bird Feed. Not for human consumption. Store in a cool dry place. Contains peanuts. Ensure fresh drinking water is available. Replace old or wet food regularly to avoid bacteria buildup. Clean feeders regularly with mild disinfectants.

Husk free wild bird seed mix- 100% edible No waste no mess no grow.

The husk free mix is 100% edible, resulting in no mess left under the feeder, etc. Suitable for feeding all year round, this attractive looking mix is a 5 star attractor and will appeal to a wide variety of birds. The free flowing mix can be fed from a feeder, bird table or on the ground.

Ingredients: Sunflower Hearts, Maize Cut, Sunflower Heart Chips, Peanut Granules, Mealworm suet pellets, Berry Suet pellets, Mealworms, Aniseed Oil.

harrisons wild bird foods

Walter Harrisons variety attractors wild bird food range.

RRP: £7.99 £7.49
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