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Joint Fit For Joint Problems From Beaphar £9.99

Joint Fit For Joint Problems From Beaphar

Beaphar Joint Fit Solution is a complementary feed to assist in the maintenance of healthy joints in cats and dogs of all ages. Feeding Beaphar Joint Fit Solution each day will help maintain healthy, supple joints over the longer term.

Joint pain is a concern for many dog owners. We all want to see our dogs fit, healthy and ready to enjoy life. However, with advancing years, many pets will become increasingly susceptible to joint problems. This can be particularly evident in certain breeds, and in more serious cases, a visit to the vet may be advisable. The majority of dogs with less severe symptoms may greatly benefit from the daily addition of a good quality joint supplement to their food. This is where you can help your pet with Beaphar Joint Fit. Joint pain in dogs is usually caused by erosion or degeneration of cartilage (the spongy covering on the end of each bone) in the joints or a reduction in synovial fluid, the natural lubricating fluid separating the two bones of a joint. Together, these act as the body’s natural shock absorbers. A reduction in either can come about as a result of chronic, repetitive strain, or simply as a result of the natural ageing process. Symptoms may be alleviated by doing the following:

• moderate daily exercise to keep joints and bones strong

• a warm, soft place to sleep, enabling joints to rest and recuperate after an active day

• a healthy body weight. Overweight dogs are susceptible to joint pain, due to the extra burden they have to carry. Ensure a healthy weight is maintained, especially in older dogs

• regular use of a high quality joint supplement to support the normal functions of tissues, cartilage and tendons.

Beaphar Joint Fit is designed to assist in the maintenance of healthy joints in dogs of all ages. It helps to maintain comfort and mobility, encouraging a return to a more active lifestyle. It is suitable for supporting the joints of very active dogs, such as those working or trialling, and for older dogs whose joints are suffering from excessive wear and tear. What is special about Beaphar Joint Fit? Beaphar Joint Fit is a liquid feed supplement containing the building blocks of cartilage, collagen and synovial fluid. Joints are not unchanging! Like hair or fingernails, cartilage must grow a little each day to replace that which has been worn away by the wear and tear of everyday life. Synovial fluid must be constantly boosted by new production to keep the joint lubricated. Glucosamine and Chondroitin are well known for their ability to help maintain healthy joints. Glucosamine is important in the production of collagen, which gives cartilage its strength and structure. It is also involved in the formation of tendons and ligaments. It provides the joints with the building blocks needed to repair damage caused by wear and tear and the natural ageing process. Chondroitin is needed by both cartilage and the synovial fluid. Its primary function is to give the joint its shock absorbing properties. It is used in joint fluid synthesis and helps to improve joint function. As well as these two ingredients, Beaphar Joint Fit contains the smaller, more readily absorbed molecules of L-Glutamine and D-Glucuronic acid. These are natural compounds that the body synthesises itself to make cartilage and therefore are more readily taken in and utilized by the body. In addition, Glycine and L-Proline are added as both are needed for the replacement of elastin, the material that gives collagen and cartilage its stretchy characteristic. A dog’s ability to synthesise these natural, protein-building molecules diminish with age. The most important ingredient in Beaphar Joint Fit is Hyaluronic Acid, which is the main component of synovial fluid. This ingredient is only available in liquid form, and so is not found in the many powdered supplements that are available. Beaphar Joint Fit contains the important trace elements Copper and Manganese. These are important for normal growth and bone development and help protect joints from oxidative damage. Vitamin C is also added, as it is essential



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