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EMP Egg Food 1kg £6.79

EMP Egg Food 1kg

EMP THE UK'S BEST SELLING EGGFOOD. EMP Superior Soft Eggfood is a broadly based soft eggfood, blended with the finest quality ingredients including real egg yolk. It has been scientifically formulated to provide all the minerals (including selenium, a necessary mineral), vitamins and other nutritional requirements necessary to ensure your birds' health.

EMP has a large particle size, is less powdery, stays fresh longer and is very palatable. Acclaimed by top breeders and nutritionists. Also available without hemp and Nyger (ideal for hand rearing). FEEDING INSTRUCTIONS Most Bird Fanciers mix a little water with EMP until a soft, crumbly, pleasant smelling mixture is obtained. Do not use too much water. However, many Fanciers have their own preferred method of feeding EMP e.g. dry or with grated carrot, etc. EMP should be fed 2 or 3 times a day whilst rearing. During the moulting period feed EMP daily to aid feathering and to bring the birds back into peak condition. For the rest of the year feed EMP every second day to satisfy your birds' nutritional requirements. EMP should comprise about a quarter of the birds daily feed.

ANALYSIS Protein 16.5% Oil 7.5% Fibre 3.5% Ash 6.2% ADDED VITAMIN & MINERAL CONTENT per Kg Vitamin A 19,500I.U. Vitamin D3 2,000I.U. Vitamin E 30mg Vitamin K3 2.2mg Vitamin B1 12mg Vitamin B2 38mg Pantothenic Acid 55mg Choline Chloride 475mg Niacin 100mg Vitamin B6 1.75mg Vitamin B12 0.075mg Folic Acid 6.8mg Biotin 0.38mg Vitamin C 4mg Calcium 1% Phosphorous P 0.6% Sodium 0.02% Magnesium 0.15% Manganese 100mg Zinc 80mg Iron 110mg Cobalt 1.8mg Copper 10mg Iodine 1.2mg DL-Methionine 500mg L-Lysine 1,150mg Selenium 0.1mg Coloured with Antioxidant EC additives.


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