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Young Biege Male Chinchilla Sold

Young Biege Male Chinchilla Sold



Chinchillas are well known for their cloud-like coat of valuable fur. They also make a superb pet, with an inquisitive and gentle nature. They are bold and enjoy contact with children and adults, preferring to perch on a shoulder or arm when given a choice.

HOUSING: Chinchillas need lots of room and a "Critter Pen" style cage is the smallest accommodation for chinchilla maintenance. Several small shelves made of wood or cardboard may be added as chinchillas love to climb and perch. Just make sure you can remove them again easily for cleaning. Also allow your chinchilla out once daily for exercise and a dust bath. A small room is best (supervise) as chinchillas love to chew and may find a way to get into trouble if allowed the run of the house. The dust bath is best given outside of the cage, otherwise food and hay will become coated with dust. An inch or so of chinchilla dust n a box with a chinchilla sized entrance hole (well above the dust level) is ideal. Dry sand can also be used in a pinch.

HANDLING: Chinchillas are more like a bird than a rodent in the way that they are handled. They do not enjoy being squeezed or hugged, but love to balance on your arm or shoulder. Chinchillas are very gentle and only nip when frightened.

FEEDING: Hay (grass or timothy) is needed by the chinchilla to provide the high fibre levels required in the diet. Pet stores can easily order hay if they do not keep it in stock. A small amount of alfalfa hay over regular timothy hay will encourage your chinchilla to get the required amount of fibre. Chinchilla pellets are an excellent source of basic nutrition, with the slightly higher fat and protein levels recommended for chinchillas. Our pellets are also packed in an air exclusive containers which will avoid insect contamination and rancidity. Treats are enjoyed by chinchillas but should only be given in tiny amounts. Rodent seed treats and raisins are relished and can be used as a training aid. Fresh foods are also recommended but in moderation. Clean dandelion greens, clover, grass, carrot tops, carrots or apples can all be offered. Always give small amounts when starting a pet on a new food item. Water should always available from a water bottle and changed DAILY to avoid blockages and stale water. Vitamins need not be added to the water as pellets already contain these nutrients. Fresh tree branches such as an apple branch are regarded as a treat and the bark will be quickly stripped off (no pesticide sprays please!).

HEALTH: See your local exotic animal veterinarian immediately if your chinchilla shows any sign of illness, including sneezing or nasal discharge, depression, reluctant to move, disorientation, or failure to eat. Some chinchilla problems include Bordetella respiratory infections, eye infections/ulcers, listeriosis, teeth problems and fungal skin infections. Luckily, most chinchillas are extremely tough and healthy animals, living anywhere from 10 to 15 years.

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