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Tribal Grain Free Cold Pressed Turkey Puppy Food 5kg £30.99

Tribal Grain Free Cold Pressed Turkey Puppy Food 5kg

Grain-free Turkey Recipe Complete Food For Puppies.

Tribal TLC Puppy is the only cold-pressed food specifically made for puppies. Grain-free, hypoallergenic, and the only cold-pressed food to use fresh meat.

Tribal Pet Foods believes that dogs deserve the best food that science and nature can deliver.

By applying its collective knowledge of science, nutrition and production Tribal’s elders have created a new, high quality cold-pressed dog food.

Grain-free, biologically appropriate, life-stage, truly cold-pressed (below 95C) dog food.

Composition: Fresh turkey (35%), Sweet potato (35%), Fish hydrolysate (14%), Whole egg (6%), Beet pulp, Sunflower oil, Brewer’s yeast, Salmon oil (1%), Herbal blend (0.25%; Parsley, Rosemary, Nettle, Chamomile, Sage, Thyme, Coriander leaves, Dandelion leaves). 98% of all ingredients below 95°C. *Core temperatures above 95°C. Anti-oxidants: Tocopherol rich extract of natural origin.

What is cold pressed dog food?

An alternative way of making dry dog food but the name is misleading as ‘cold pressed’ foods are made using meat meal and other ingredients that have been pre-cooked by their suppliers to extremely high temperatures, often 140°C or more, destroying a lot of their natural goodness.

Tribal TL°C is different. Unlike other foods, our TL°C range is Truly made at Lower Celsius. We only use fresh meat - never meat meal - and gently heat to no more than 95°C, locking in the optimal amount of nutrition and goodness. We guarantee that at least 98% of all our ingredients are not heated to above 95°C, either by us or by our suppliers.

Easier to digest. Discover the benefits of Tribal TLC. When your dog eats extruded or ‘regular’ kibble, the food absorbs liquid in their stomach, which can cause them feelings of discomfort and bloat. Our gently pressed Tribal TL°C dog food does not swell but slowly breaks down, making it gentler on your dog’s tummy.


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