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Florida King Snakes Customer Collection Only

Florida King Snakes Customer Collection Only

Florida Kingsnakes

Natural habitat Inhabits tropical and semi-tropical grassland habitats near ponds and swampy regions of Florida. When captive, adults require a 29 gallon enclosure.

Behavior Most will become tame with regular handling. Provide some dark hiding places when keeping this species in captivity.


Temperature Florida king snakes need to be maintained between 84-90 degrees during the day. Nighttime temperatures should range between 68-75 degrees. If you keep your snake too cool it can regurgitate, so make sure the temperatures are maintained. Housing King snakes can be housed comfortably in a 29-40 gallon terrarium as adults. Ideally the larger the snake the more room you want to provide. Never place a cage near a window where sunlight can directly shine on your cage. Cages placed in direct sunlight can easily overheat and ultimately lead to the death of your snake. Never house your king snake with other snakes, it may eat them.

Bedding Almost any type of bedding can be used for king snakes. We recommend using carpet, bark, pine shavings, aspen shavings or back-to-naturebiodregadable animal bedding. A deep layer is recommended to allow your snake to hide if it chooses to do so.

Food King snakes feed on pinkie and fuzzy mice as babies and juveniles. As your snake grows it will soon move up to adult mice. We recommend that you feed baby and juvenile king snakes one time per week. Adult king snakes can be fed once every 7-10 days to maintain proper body weight. Like most snakes, king snakes typically will not eat when they are preparing to shed. After your snake has shed you can return to your normal feeding regiment. If your snake doesn’t eat make sure you remove the rodent from the cage. Rodents, when they are hungry, can bite snakes and can injure or kill them.

Cleaning and Handling The terrarium should be cleaned as necessary. Any fecal matter should be cleaned out several times a week. The bedding should be completely changed once a month and fresh clean water should be provided at all times. The inside of the terrarium can be cleaned out with an appropriate reptile cage cleaner. King snakes can be handled on a daily basis and always wash your hands before and after handling them.

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