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Dog Rocks Pet Pro Bio 250ml

Dog Rocks Pet Pro Bio 250ml

Dog Rocks PetproBio 250ml Fermented Herb Exract

Petpro Bio is an award winning daily dose of goodness and liquid vitality for your pet – it is FSA and VMD approved tasty and 100% natural pre-probiotic feed additive for your pet’s health and overall vitality helping to maintain the general wellbeing of your small (or big) pets.

How Pet Pro Bio works PetproBio Fermented Herb Extract (FHE) is a PRE-PROBIOTIC supplementary feedstuff for your pet which can help to increase appetite, feed conversion & maintain well-being & the level of resistance of your animals. “You are what you eat”, which is why we only process pure, natural raw materials. Your pet’s health depends on its care & food. With PetproBio you can make a valuable contribution to the overall health, vitality & wellbeing of your pet.

According to practical reports, positive microorganisms are cultivated in the gut thus maintaining the immune system & the animal’s resistance. Vitality increasing & cost saving effects of PetproBio (FHE) are reported from experience: Your pets’ immune systems and resistance are improved. Fewer metabolism problems occur (as often observed during molting). A glossy, even coat is formed with healthy skin and reduced irritation. Better digestion and solid healthy stools and reduced odor thanks to the stable gut flora. Animals can become quieter and more balanced.

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