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Crested Geckos

Crested Geckos

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Baby crested geckos do better in a small size vivarium. The Exo Terra Glass Terrarium 18x18x12" is ideal for housing and rearing babies up to around 5 months old. Alternatively, a large exo terra faunarium is a suitable and cheaper alternative for temporary housing. We recommend a semi-naturalistic set-up i.e. lots of plastic plants etc, a shallow water and food dish and kitchen roll as a substrate.

TEMPERATURE Babies thrive well at 75F give or take a couple of degrees, which may necessitate the use of a heat mat or other heat source depending on your room ambient temperature and other factors. A night time drop into the mid to high 60's will do them no harm whatsoever. Temperatures much above 80F for any length of time should be avoided, unless there is a cooler spot in the vivarium at all times. Additional lighting is not essential for the keeper but be cautious of the additional heat that any light bulbs may generate. Crested Geckos do not require UV to live long, healthy and productive lives.

DIET Whilst adults can be sustained completely on Crested Gecko Diet, young babies seem to have a preference for live food; we feed small brown crickets daily and twice a week dust them with calcium & multi-vitamins. Crested Gecko Diet is introduced gradually and by the time they are 4 months old they are eating it avidly. Babies may not eat enough Crested Gecko Diet to sustain themselves and some of them take longer than others to get onto it, so crickets should be fed alongside. Dusting the crickets in calcium powder.

HYDRATION/HUMIDITY Spray the vivarium & plants with water lightly during early evening and leave a milk bottle top size dish full of water too and change daily. We have found with babies that they do better in terms of shedding and general health if they are sprayed just the once each evening allowing the vivarium to dry out during the following day. This cycle seems to suit their shedding process very well, rather than constant dampness/high humidity.

Upon Arrival of your Baby Crested Gecko. When your baby Crested Gecko arrives at it's new home, try and avoid unnecessary handling, just place him in the vivarium, spray lightly and leave alone. That evening offer him 4 or 5 small crickets (dont add more until most of these are gone). Please dont be surprised if he doesnt seem keen to feed for a day or so. This is normal and providing he is kept correctly he will soon be tucking in! Your recently acquired baby Crested Gecko may be a little skittish to begin with and it is best to minimise handling for the first few days. Once settled in and with regular contact the baby will soon become tame and handleable.

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